The strength and durability of any open standard can be found in the level of collaboration between interested parties in the formation and support of the standard. Ultimately for an open standard to succeed, especially in the time and reliability critical industrial sphere, a powerful user-base must be formed with well structured training, technical support and quality policies to ensure smoothness of integration and guaranteed quality.
The PROFIBUS & PROFINET Interternational Southern African (PISA)  is a sub-organisation of the global non-profit PROFIBUS & PROFINET Interternational Organisation (PNO). ​PISA provides services to companies interested in PROFIBUS and PROFINET and related technologies, whether as an end-user, system integrator or equipment vendor. The organization provides technical support, distributes technical and promotional literature and organizes a wide range of training and promotional events.
PISA is a growing organisation with membership from many of the industry's most significant contributors. Membership offers numerous benefits and synergies in both technical and in marketing aspects. A more integrated PROFIBUS and PROFINET community that combines its resources to collectively install and maintain better industrial networking solutions is the ultimate end-goal.
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