With more than 50 million installed PROFIBUS DP nodes, 10 million PROFIBUS PA nodes and 10 million PROFINET nodes, PROFIBUS and PROFINET are presenting themselves to be the most proven industrial communications protocols today. The success of PROFIBUS and PROFINET can be attributed to the support of vendors, system integrators and end users. In Southern Africa, the local Regional PROFIBUS and PROFINET association, PISA, is made up of technology members creating a tightly-knit yet open forum with the aim to support end users in their decision to use PROFIBUS and PROFINET and create a local knowledge-share base.


Benefits of Membership

The key to getting the most out of your membership is by getting involved. The platform is open for you and your company to have your say and influence the direction of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology on a global scale. As a member you can sign up for a specific role in PISA depending on what your interest is. This ranges from managing and getting involved in marketing, training, support, presentations, roadshows, administration, etc.  Some of the benefits include:
- Membership on PI and access to member pages of www.profibus.com, including forums and download sites. (White papers, technical descriptions and books, software and tools, installation guides and much more)
- Running costs of PISA, a local community of collaborating experts in PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Being able to call and meet fellow members has the advantage of being able to solve engineering challenges quicker. 
- Accredited training discount at a South African PROFIBUS / PROFINET Training Centre (Vendors: 15%, SI’s: 10% for a maximum of 2 people)
- Listing on local PROFIBUS / PROFINET International website
- Application for accreditation as a Certified PROFIBUS System Integrator
- Participation in regional PISA marketing, events and workshop activities.
- Application for participation in international PI working groups. This is where you can really make a difference. 
- Entries in online PI Product Guide
- Telephonic and email technical support from PROFIBUS Competence Centre.
- Use of registered PROFIBUS and PROFINET logo’s.
- Publication of press releases on PI Southern Africa website.
- Hotlink between PI Southern Africa website to member company website

Become a member of PISA today!

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