From trade shows and fairs to technical presentations and demo days, we would be glad to participate. Feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do to organise a presentation and demo of a specific topic in your area or at your company.
SAIMC Technical Events
These are great fun and are an excellent opportunity for you as an individual to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the PROFIBUS and PROFINET protocols and to network with like-minded individuals in the same industry. As a bonus, the lectures are often accredited through the SAIMC so that individuals attending can earn CPD points. Join your local SAIMC branch to make sure that you receive an invite to these events. Topics range from updates in grounding techniques for industrial communications systems to cyber security concepts relating to PROFINET and PROFIBUS. 
Breakfast Events
A very significant and exclusive event indeed! PISA has over the years hosted breakfast events for their members who are also allowed to invite their own customers. This is another great benefit of becoming a member. Karsten Schneider, the chairman of PROFIBUS / PROFINET International has often been a valued keynote speaker at these events, linking Southern Africa directly back to the heart of Europe and The World with undiluted updates from the international community. Sign up to the newsletter to ensure you don't miss these events in your region. We've hosted breakfasts in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, but let us know if you think we should come to your region!
Trade Shows and Fairs
These are an excellent opportunity to meet us face to face and discuss PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Typically members of PISA will be at the booth and members also have an opportunity to showcase their products on the stand. This is the true demonstration of how the PROFIBUS and PROFINET standards allow different vendor products to integrate seamlessly. You may even find one of our international visitors wondering the booth giving you the opportunity to interact as part of the international community. We'd love to see you there and if you think that there is a show that we should be hosting a stand at, feel free to contact us.
A new initiative by PISA is to formalize the ad-hoc support that is already provided into half-day workshops throughout the year. These workshops will have a variety of topics including: 
PROFIBUS to PROFINET;Integrating other fieldbuses into PROFIBUS/PROFINET;
Using CommDTMs to configure devices;
Security concepts in PROFIBUS and PROFINET;
Troubleshooting concepts;
If there is something that you would like learn more about, let us know. These workshops are free for members of PISA.
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